garden animals
Those happy little animals

In the damp morning, the cool air was clean and refreshing. Pavel and I walked out of the room and suddenly found that it was like a snail rain.

In the flowerbed, on the leaves, in the stamens, and on the road, there are snails of all sizes. They carried their house on their backs, wriggling their tiny bodies, like Zen masters who had penetrated the world, crawling slowly and calmly, not knowing where to climb.

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Sometimes we drive to the outskirts, or take a walk in the nearby park, there are little squirrels jumping around, looking at you with dark eyes, not knowing how to dodge.


Our most frequent places are Windsor Park (Windsor Park) and Virginia Water Lake (Virginia Lake), there are few people, there are only a few white swans and many black ducks paddling the water, occasionally come ashore to pace leisurely It makes people feel that they are the real masters of this kingdom, and patient photographers can record their changing formations at any time, which is the precise order of another world.


Once, we ran into a small hedgehog in the grass. It stopped on a piece of yellow leaf and shivered, as if very afraid of the cold. If it weren't for it to keep shaking, I almost stepped on it.

I squatted down and poked it with a small stick, and it instantly shrank its small body into a round ball. The thorns on its body stood upright, its head and claws were gone, only a sunflower seed appeared. The small pointed mouth was frozen in there motionless, like a pine cone.


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