Our Story

From jasmine in teacups to peonies in the garden, Britons have a long and wonderful relationship with plants. Gardening has been an immensely popular pastime for British people since Roman times, one may even say gardening is ingrained in us. We have long been aware of the therapeutic powers of visiting gardens and how being outside in lovely surroundings and fresh air is so beneficial for our wellbeing.


As well as flowering plants, Britons have also developed a liking to herb gardens over the years. Plants like lemon balm, which is decorative as well as fragrant, has gained popularity in British gardens with its delicate green leaves which can be used to brew tea or even made into a hair rinse which helps remove excess sebum from the scalp.

 Like Gertrude Jekyll (29 November 1843 – 8 December 1932), who remains until this day, one of the most influential British gardeners once said 'The love of gardening is a seed that once sown never dies, but grows to the enduring happiness that the love of gardening gives.' It is her unique love affair with nature and gardening that inspired us to develop Jubilee Gardens and Jubilee Baby. 

Every bottle is packed full of natural goodness, treating your skin and senses to a wonderful journey to the beautiful British countryside. We are constantly exploring new ways to capture the best nature has to offer. Made with pride and passion, Jubilee Gardens and Jubilee Baby believe in loving and caring for the world we live in.

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