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I want to stay at home when the weather is cold. Today, the editor prepared a list of balcony plants for everyone according to the orientation. Let’s use plants to make the home more cozy~

* Cyclamen *


The flower shape is unique and romantic, and the colors are full of charm. In the winter when everything is bleak, the proudly blooming cyclamen is the best choice for viewing flowers.


* Alum root *


God overturned the color palette, so there was alum roots, bright green, bright yellow, brilliant red, deep purple... it is worthy of the "rainbow under the shade of the forest."

The same alum root has rich changes in leaf color under different seasons, temperatures and environments, and it will also bloom small bell-like flowers in spring and summer. It is also very beautiful when planted with other plants~

* Mint *


Peppermint is so easy to raise, it has strong vitality, and grows fast. Give you some sunshine and water, and you will be able to return a piece of greenery.

* Ivy *


As its name suggests, ivy leaves are beautiful all year round, and their vitality is tenacious, so they can grow in a relatively shaded environment.

* Marguerite *


The fresh "Girl's Flower" Marguerite has a long flowering period, rich colors and bursting appearance.


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