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The years are long, and you can look forward to it

Wisteria hanging on cloud wood, flower vines Yiyangchun. The wisteria flowers bloom in April and flourish in late spring, like a purple haze or haze, with a unique elegance.

Wisteria is actually a very common vine with strong climbing ability, and it is often planted in both the south and the north.


The branches and vines of the wisteria are also flexible. Each vine is like a line drawn by the artist, with a graceful arc, smooth and natural.

Among the impervious purple flowers, the green leaves faintly dangle with the wind. With the fragrance of flowers walking in the purple flower gallery, the mood becomes as bright as spring. Going deep, wrapped in the sky full of flowers, the soul seems to have been washed, only the positiveness of Xiangyang is left.


Even the three-point color is dazzling enough, clusters of wisteria flowers hang down, with suitable shades, open and close at random, and the brilliance is extremely flat. When the wind blows, it is sparse and cool. "White clouds are coming and going." , This is the most beautiful spring mood I have ever seen.


Wisteria is the plant that can most witness time. It is green in summer and yellow in autumn. It is old in hibernation and prosperous in spring. Regardless of the four seasons, no matter the flowers bloom and fade, you can feel the precipitation of life. Perhaps what I love is not only the purple, but also the tranquility and gentleness of the years.


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