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These British animals are simply petted to heaven

Huayu News: According to a report in the UK edition of the European Times, every time the three words "little animal" are mentioned, the little furry cuties who have grown into liver tremors come to mind. Do you feel that your heart suddenly becomes softer?



In the UK, people and animals shouldn’t get along too much (dogs) (blood). The little animals sway around like in Disney cartoons.


The most commonly seen in Britain is the Pigeon Lord, the streets and alleys are full of pigeons.


The swans are noble and elegant, and there is no reason why these swans are so good. Because the swans in British public waters are all owned by the Queen.


There is still a little difference between the British little fox and the fox fairy in my impression. The little fox in front of Brother Quan’s house is thin and bald.


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