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Jubilee Gardens Jasmine & Lemon Balm Botanic Shampoo

Suitable for normal and oily hair. Jasmine and lemon balm help condition the hair and scalp, as well as promoting blood circulation, helping to balance sebum, leaving the hair and scalp feeling refreshed and light. JUBILEE GARDENS's dual-botanic formula combines the natural effects of two plants to help cleanse the scalp and nourish the hair at the same time, presenting you with a perfect balance of refreshing and smoothness, achieving the best effect of volume and weightlessness!

Ingredients and properties:
JASMINE-Nourish + Balance water
LEMON BALM-Soothing + Protecting

No better way to unwind with the help of our Jasmine and Lemon Balm blend. Jasmine, with its distinctively beautiful fragrant, has been use to relax the mind and muscles for hundreds of years. Lemon Balm is widely recognised for its ability to promote blood circulation. Our fragrant formula is perfect to help nourish and protect your skin after every long day and treat your senses to an aromatic spa experience.

Direction of use:

Wet the top of the hair with warm water first. Cold water can irritate the scalp, while hot water can damage the hair, so warm water is often the best choice. People with long hair can gather all the hair to the top of the head for easy application of shampoo.

Take an appropriate amount of shampoo, rub to form a lather, and then evenly apply onto the hair and scalp.Gently rub the hair and scalp in other to cleanse the hair and scalp, removing excess sebum and dandruff.After three to five minutes of massage, rinse off thoroughly with warm water.

After rinsing with warm water, you may rinse again with cool water. Doing so may help strengthen hair roots and the scalp, and aid the scalp's absorption of nutrients.

Product specification:


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