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Jubilee Gardens Moisture Max Shampoo

Jubilee Gardens Max professional salon hair wash and care series creates charming hair for you. Jubilee Gardens Moisture Max Shampoo injects multiple nutrients into the hollow hair core, rejuvenates healthy and filling hair. Enhance the moisture of hair and restore the luster and softness of hair itself.

Ingredients and properties:
ARGAN OIL - Boost shine + Soothing
DANDELION - Rich in vitamins + Prevent dandruff

Our argan oil and dandelion blend is perfect for providing moisture and essential nutrients while leaving the hair and scalp feeling light and refreshed as well as shiny and smooth. Rich in vitamins A, C and B-complex, our formula also helps strengthen the hair and help reduce hair loss as well as boosting growth and shine. 

Direction of use:

Wet the top of your hair with warm water first. Cold water will stimulate the scalp, while hot water will damage the hair, so warm water is often the best choice. People with long hair can gather all their hair to the top of their head for easy shampoo.

After the hair and scalp are fully moistened, take the right amount of Pegasus water moisturizing shampoo, then smear it evenly on the scalp and hair roots. Then gently rub the hair and scalp to make an all-round spa for the head. This step is mainly to help clean scalp grease, dandruff and other dirt.

After three or five minutes of massage, you can rinse again with warm water. Be sure to rinse the shampoo. After washing with warm water, it can be cleaned again with cold water. Because doing so can help firm the hair roots and consolidate the scalp. And accelerate the hair's absorption of previous nutrients.

Product specification:


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