These Might Be Why Your Lips Are Dry All The Time!

By November 6, 2018 No Comments

As the colder season approach, it is very normal to get chappy dry lips. But why is this happening? And could it be something more than just the drier weather? Well, some potential reasons might just surprise you!

1. Too much sun in the Summer

If you soaked up too much UV rays over the summer then you could be paying the price now! Too much sun exposure can set your lips up for a chapped winter. So be careful in the Summer and make sure you use SPF protection!

2. Vitamin deficiency

Vitamin B2 is essential for cell function and in turn, healthy lips. Eat plenty of vitamin B2 rich foods like eggs and lean meat to keep yours in check all year round. Zinc and iron deficiency have also been linked to dry lips so make sure you are eating enough greens and keeping mineral levels balanced.

3. Licking your lips

It sounds a little counter-intuitive but licking your lips will actually make things a whole lot worse. Repeated saliva on the lips will end up washing the natural grease from the lips which can lead to dryness.

4. Dehydration

If you aren’t drinking enough fluids, your body can let you know via your lips. Dry lips can indicate that you need to up your H20 intake. Dehydration show on our skin and lips due to mineral levels imbalance. So drink up! It’s recommended to drink between eight and twelve glasses a day.

5. A yeast infection

Dry lips, particularly around the corners of the mouth can be an indicator that your body is producing too much yeast and that you have an infection. If you have been suffering a while then you might need to visit your doctor!