Here’s How To Clean And Reuse Your Lovely False Lashes!

By March 16, 2019 No Comments

As much as we love the length and intensity our beloved false eyelashes give us, we don’t love throwing a set away after a single use – especially when they can cost up to £20 a pair!

Good news for you false lash lovers then, because you can in fact clean and reuse your lashes to make them last much longer!

Here we have a super simple hack for giving your lashes a clean that takes less than half an hour, using a skincare item that has gain popularity in the last few years – micellar water.

By filling a small bowl with micellar water and leaving your lashes to soak for 15 minutes, you can wash away all traces of mascara, glue and grime from a day’s wear.

All you have to do afterwards is leave the lashes to dry on a piece of kitchen roll to soak up excess water, before combing them through with an old mascara wand.

Lastly, go easy on the mascara application when it comes to reusing your false lashes, as thick coats of product can be incredibly difficult to remove, and can even distort the shape of the lashes when cleaning.