Pasta Sauce Fit For A Duchess! Meghan Markle’s Secret Recipe

By July 18, 2018 No Comments

Meghan Markle: actress, humanitarian, Duchess

Turns out Meghan is also a fantastic cook and has her own unique hack for making an amazing pasta sauce you probably haven’t heard of before — and I think the world needs to know about it!

So let’s take a deep dive into this royal recipe, shall we?

1. Start by cooking some chopped onion in a pan with oil until soft.

2. Add chopped courgette and bouillon cubes and lets it all cook down for not one, not two, but FOUR hours.

3. Toss it with pasta and seasons with salt, pepper, and lemon juice. Finish with sprinkles of parmesan.

Turns out the slow cooking process breaks down the zucchini into a super creamy sauce!

Will you be trying this amazing pasta sauce for dinner tonight?